2 thoughts on “Volunteerism is Bad

  1. While volunteerism may be on its way out, I see more and more people making opportunties for others to do good in the world and make a living off it! This seems to be the rationalization of doing good, perhaps even becoming a religious-type experience. With environmentalism, animal rights, and human rights on the forefront of American minds, the following is growing and real action is becoming an everyday experience!


  2. This kind of privatization and profiteering are complicated, that’s for sure. Its difficult for me to really understand the social benefit of that missionary-type perspective, particularly when the best intentioned activism becomes detrimental to the community it seeks to serve. Then, instead of actually helping the people it supposedly targeted, this activism actually hurts them, all at the expense of making the “activist” feel better about their place in the world. At whose cost?


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