BIG NEWS! As of today I’m starting a new track here in New York City. I’ve accepted a position with a great organization and moved across the United States to work for a group called Learner-Centered Initiatives. For the last 15 years they have provided professional development programs for K-12 schools across the state, with great leadership and excellent programs. I am joining their team as the “student engagement” guy, and will be working closely with Communities for Learning and the Cloud Institute.

I WILL CONTINUE to operate SoundOut and Freechild, as well as offer training and technical assistance to schools and youth-serving organizations across the country. I especially want to dig further into the excellent schools and districts across New England and the East Coast who have shown a lot of interest in my work.

If you are in the city and want to get together, send me an email or give me a call. Otherwise, wish me luck! It turns out NYC is a pretty big city to a guy used to the Wild West…

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