My Review of “Against the Terror of Neoliberalism”

Against the Terror of Neoliberalism: Politics Beyond the Age of Greed by Henry Giroux. This is my review for The Freechild Project.

Teachers, youth workers, and parents who want to change the world: Read this book. Henry Giroux has written the essential book for anyone who wants to understand the powerful forces that are changing our world today, and the effects these forces are having on the most important people we work and live with everyday: children and youth. If you are tired of the over-simplified Fox News-style explanations of increased poverty, demoralized social fabric and machoistic militarism that come from most mainstream progressive sources, then Giroux’s new book is a great read. He puts everything into context: education reform, the American empire, and increased jailing all find their places in the mess of modern U.S. culture, and better yet, Giroux doesn’t hesitate to tell it like it is.

As a parent, an educator, and as a youth worker I recommend this book strongly to anyone yearning to understand why, how, and where our young people fit into – and need to fit into – the world today. Because of this book I am looking in my own “educated hope,” and am now recommitted to “make the promise of a democracy and a different future worth fighting for.” I hope you are, too.

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