360° Youth Voice

Schools, homes, city hall, places of worship, police stations, art studios, community centers, theatres, government offices, parks, businesses, gyms, radio stations, colleges, public spaces… These are the places in our neighborhoods that can help us begin to envision a 360° approach to engaging youth voice. 

Because of dozens of years of programs and research, to think of engaging children and youth throughout these different environments is not impossible. Instead, we are provided a variety of practical templates, important considerations, useful lessons learned and replicable processes. Here are examples of youth voice in schools, community preservation, city hall, community centers, parks and government agencies.
The challenge becomes identifying how those efforts are connected. How do these different places tie together in order to fuse a wrap-around approach to youth voice?
Written by Adam Fletcher, this article was originally posted to http://commonaction.blogspot.com. Learn more at adamfletcher.net!

One response to “360° Youth Voice”

  1. What would your definition of a wrap around or 360 degree approach to youth voice look like if told as an example story from the perspective of a young person? Is it about having equal entitlement to be heard by these different agencies – and being assured that there are opportunities to actively engage with them all? Or is it about collaboration between these many different agencies – so a young person can speak out on the issues that affect them and the system or many agencies can find the right people to respond so that the young person does not have to go around all these different agencies?Or something else entirely?


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