Adults and Youth as Equals?

Earlier today on the anti-adultism Facebook group I was asked, “is your goal to have children and young adults (which I believe you define as 13 to 19) treated exactly as we would treat adults?”

My answer is absolutely not.

I believe that all young people – all children and youth – are unique and powerful as young people, and because of all the different representations they carry, including their race, gender, socio-economic class, educational levels and everything. They have value because of their age and their voices and involvement of all kinds.

Acknowledging the ideas, perspectives, knowledge and experiences of young people is *not* equality – its equity. Equity calls for acknowledging the uniqueness and difference between people, and then creating the spaces, relationships and cultures needed to foster positive, meaningful relationships that embrace that uniqueness and difference and allows them to be utilized for the individual and collective good of those who participate.

Fighting adultism requires nothing less than each of us taking personal responsibility for the bias and discrimination we feel against young people and towards adults. Let me restate that: I believe that we favor adults at the expense of listening/engaging/empowering young people. I believe we have to create new relationships – partnerships and allyships – that re-envision the roles young people occupy throughout society.

So long story short, my own goal is not to have children and youth treated exactly as we would treat adults. Instead, its to engage young people and adults in working together to create new roles for young people throughout society.

That’s what I’m all about – I would love to hear what anyone else thinks!

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One response to “Adults and Youth as Equals?”

  1. Love your input on this subject as always. Been a while since we worked together! Last name changed from Mullen to Diallo but email me at…talk soon!


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