Free Book: Engaging the Whole Child

After all this work I’ve done in the inter-related, yet disparate topics related to the roles of young people throughout society, I believe I have come to deeply understand the nature of needing to engage the whole young person. I’ve written about it, trained on it, and helped many other people understand this concept in a variety of ways. However, only in the last year of working with the Washington State Department of Health have I begun to see exactly how that whole young person is more than the brain, the interests, the actions or the ideas of children and youth. Its also their physical, mental, social and emotional health. 
For the last several years the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development has led a national call to awareness and action that resonates with what I’ve learned, giving educators and administrators, community workers and parents practical tools designed to engaged the whole community in a whole conversation about young people throughout society. I appreciate their leadership in this area for a lot of reasons, not the least of which being that they had the gravatis to introduce Meaningful Student Involvement to its first national audience via their November 2008 edition of Educational Leadership magazine.

That is why I’m excited to introduce this awesome new publication from the organization. Engaging the Whole Child is the first in a series of Whole Child ebooks available from ASCD. According to a recent phone meeting I had with ASCD, its a limited-time only offering that is only good from April 15 to May 6. 

Do students really want to learn? Can schools and classrooms become joyful? Are there natural links between standard curriculum and what motivates students to learn? Explore these and other questions in this e-book collection of articles from Educational Leadership by renowned authors such as Carol Ann Tomlinson, Richard Sagor, Nel Noddings, Thomas R. Guskey, and Allison Zmuda.

This is a huge file, and registering to recieve it is a little cumbersome – but its worth it. You’ll find a section on empowering students, including an article by Sylvia Martinez and Dennis Harper at Generation YES. Download it here free, let me know what you think, and share this link with your friends. Remember to do it now, because the link is only good until May 6.
Written by Adam Fletcher, this article was originally posted to Learn more at!

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