Limb, Child

I offer my limb to you, world
Your gratitude is forthcoming, I’m sure
I’ve seen you recieve her, without the urgency I feel
But still awaiting
Birds chirping
Frog pausing
Salmon darting
Catepillar cacooning
She smiles, this limb
My heart is a thousand miles wide
With frequency I feel its longing
A reality orbiting it, yet unobtainable
I only want more
Hands to hold, minds, feet, warmth
Within my limb’s grasp
I feel her acceptance
My foibles fall aside
Insolubilities become okay
Waters from the Sound
Salty brine, crunchy shells
Limbs jumping from pile to pile
She knows how to hold my hand
Exactly when to grasp my arm
Perfectly when to grant me her little kiss
Yet she doesn’t
Just like me she’s learning, guessing, following instinct
Rest well sweetie – your papa loves you.

Suffering Love Laughing At Myself is the first poetry book of Adam Fletcher Sasse and is available at

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