Prairie Storms and Your Love

Then one day it all went grey
Scatter shot paint splots dripping down the wall
Lightning bolt electric volt shooting across it all
Not a fire to burn
Not a pile to waste
Not a cannon to explode
Nothing done in haste
Quickly explored
Quickly understood
Too quickly I wanted
You – you are too good
As the grasses were cut down
As the fields were plowed
As the soil was turned up
As the rain came from clouds
As the seeds washed away
As the creek bed spilled over
As the crows set on what was left
As the fences washed out
No homes on these prairies
No fires along the ridge
I’m coming to clean the place up
Set the chairs up, build a bridge
Cleaning out water damage
When you came back to the place
The sun rolled into the window
A smile came onto my face

This is Adam Fletcher’s poetry blog. All works are copyright 2009 by Adam Fletcher, unless otherwise stated. Do not reproduce in any fashion without the explicit permission from the author.

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