Planning the Youth Voice Institute

For the third time in three years I’m facilitating a free Youth Voice Institute for youth and adults. This series began in Everett, Washington, with an institute hosted by the Everett Mayor’s Youth Council. In 2007 I facilitated an institute for Seattle Public Schools, and next week the Sumner Public School District will be hosting the event.

There are a lot of different ways to plan these institutes, and no two have been the same yet. Based on my Washington Youth Voice Handbook and Freechild’s Youth Voice Toolbox, I work to ensure that each activity provides youth and adult participants with hands-on opportunities to explore their idealistic and pragmatic perspectives about Youth Voice and youth engagement. Learning dozens of different approaches to engage young people, including lessons from other Youth Voice activities and organizations, is the goal of this workshop. There are countless ways to do that, and each institute drives me to use different ways than I did the previous time.
As exciting as all this sounds, this Saturday is going to be rawk star. Let me know if you have any questions or ideas – it would be great to meet you there!
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