Video: New Roles for Youth

This is the first post for my video blog. In this post I describe my mission “to re-envision roles for young people throughout society”, and where these broadcasts will go. Enjoy!

Written by Adam Fletcher, this article was originally posted to Learn more at!

One thought on “Video: New Roles for Youth

  1. I have bumped into something for 16 years in education- it is invisible… It even shows up in the media.(more later) I went into teaching because that was the target audience I cared about more than any- I wanted that next generation to be inspired. I bumped into an environment with invisible foes. I taught 1st grade and loved it. Teachers began “hating on me”. This term adultcentrism is what I bumped into. It is like in the Sound of Music… the admiral is designing and running schools when we need more Marias. I want to dialogue some more with you- I am pursuing a doctorate and want to conduct research on this inspiration- this joy- and what happens to a school that learns how to develop these is kids.


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