Preparing Youth for Youth Involvement

In the last few years I’ve been asking a lot of young people what it is they want in order to be ready for youth involvement activities. Following are some of the points I’ve drawn out from my notes to share how to prepare youth for youth involvement. 

  • Discuss youth involvement with youth
  • Discuss what youth need and want to work on
  • Review information with youth to identify actions, goals and outcomes
  • Discuss modifications, accomodations and supports youth need with youth
  • Prepare youth for what will happen during the activities
  • Mutually decide the level of involvement with the youth
  • Role play youth involvement with youth, and provide practice as needed (individually or in a group)
  • Give explicit instruction on youth involvement activities (Individually or in a small group)
  • Teach skills such as communication and presentation, leadership and management, marketing, training, project and time management, active listening, team building, and personal development
  • Plan together for when involved youth become adults
  • Support youth with a scaffold for involvement, and as appropriate remove supports for individual students.

These are steps young people have identified for themselves. What do you think needs to be added?

Written by Adam Fletcher, this article was originally posted to Learn more at!

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