It’s the Arrival

It’s the start of Day 2 of the Generation WakingUp event in Seattle, and the sun is pouring into this yoga loft in Lake Union. I woke early and excited, and sitting here I know why. Already this morning when I was texting with my friend and ally Adrienne I came across the idea of doing an intro youth activist training in Olympia.

Inside these special bubbles of location and occupation I think that we take activist energy for granted sometimes. Recently I’ve forgotten that it takes that initial spark, that firestarting that I used to burn for. This event reminds me that is integral as I watch a legion of young activists coming into their own understandings of what this work can mean in their own lives. A difference in my pedagogy is that my work is centered on social action, and taking initiative to change the world as well as ourselves.

At the end of the day I believe that what matters is that folks, young and old, arrive at their own will in their own paces. Generation WakingUp is reminding me of that.

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