Finding Myself

This retreat weekend has been a train-the-trainer event for a program called Generation WakingUp. The program is focused on helping young people identify their investment in changing the world, and providing them with tools to take immediate action. The training is very wholistic and affords great motivation for participants.

Over the course of the last six months I’ve had the good fortune to invest a great deal of time to finding myself. In the busyness and energy of the last decade, I found my concept of who I am drifting from my best knowledge of who I am. Circumstance and influence drove me to focus on money-making, and unaddressed childhood experiences both imposed themselves loudly in my days. I veered and swerved there for a while, but with good encouragement from the universe I found amazing avenues for embracing my challenges and today I’m finding it easier to simply be me.

This weekend has allowed me the expensive space to simply be: To be me, to be here, and to be now. I’m learning, albeit slowly, that Adam’s a great guy in all his myriad ways. That’s my reflection from this morning.

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