Day 398. Rustle from deep sleep. Think of you.

Turn on laptop, check emails. Suddenly spring from warm bed. Sheets thrown to side. Rush into shower. Think of you. R

Rinse thoroughly. Emerge from shower. Towel dry. Put on clothes. Rush downstairs into kitchen. Feed cat. Cook oatmeal. Think of you.

Sprinkle cane sugar into oatmeal, eat. Read newspaper, comics. Think of you.

Bundle laptop into bag. Tie shoelaces, start walking. See blooming flowers. Hear chirp, chirp. Think of you.

Yank coffee shop door open, get swallowed whole into the cavernous depths, order espresso. Sit. Wait. Pull out laptop, open Internet. Open facebook. Think of you.

See your friend invite. Think of you.

Open word processing software to write poem. Think of you.

Write poem about thinking of you. “Submit new thread”.