Encouraging Heartspace

Those who restrain desire, do so because theirs is weak enough to be restrained.

– William Blake

The surest way to Heartspace – the engine of personal engagement is to simply go. For the young person who is driven to allow the engine of purpose power their way through life, simply go. For the parent who wants to impart to their child the warm security of Heartspace, simply go. For the older person feeling Heartspace as they transition roles in the latter of their life, simply go. 

Heartspace can be a soft place, one that can seem intimate and private, alone and contemplative – for some. For others it can be a celebration, alive and vibrant, soulful and popping. For others still, it is an amalgamation with blood and bone and mind and hands and feet and clouds and dirt all mixed together. Heartspace is all of these things.

If you are concerned about finding your Heartspace, you are already on your way. Feel your way there. Work your way there. Live your way there. Heartspace is accessible to everyone, all of the time. It is an innate part of every single person, no matter how far removed you might think you are.

As Alan Watts wrote, 

Things are as they are. Looking out into the universe at night, we make no comparisons between the right and wrong stars, now between well and badly arranged constellations.

-Alan Watts

You are engaged, right now.

There are challenges to intentionally finding and living in our Heartspace, for sure. You may not have the best paying job or the loveliest house, the fanciest degree or the longest list of accomplishments.

Heartspace is more than all of those. Live true to your passion and courage and strength and will and you will surely find the right people in the right places doing the right things for the right reasons, and surely that is a clear indication that you’re in your Heartspace. 

Heartspace doesn’t look identical in any two people; it’s like snowflakes, leaf lines, and fingerprints – all are unique. There are echoes of our own Heartspace in others, and that’s what you’ll gravitate towards for the rest of your life. Know that.

I, along the way towards your Heartspace, you feel discouraged, remember how bell hooks charged us:

Maintain hope, even when the harshness of reality may suggest the opposite.

-bell hooks

Entering our Heartspace requires hope, and hope upon hope, and the willful ignorance of denial. 

I know that you’ll get there if you’re not there already, and I look forward to meeting with you along the way.

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