Anti-Adultism Parenting Resources

Ten years ago, when I began full-time training and consulting about adultism, there were four publications about adultism. Anywhere. None of them were written for parents, and only one of them mentioned parenting. Eight years ago when I became a parent I became determined to teach my peers about adultism.

You can find the list I began compiling about anti-adultism in 2002, including a couple articles focused on parenting, at

Following is an exclusive collection of anti-adultism parenting resources. I am glad to share this list with you. I think it represents a fair scan of resources available to parents who want to stop their own adultist ways, and help others who do, too. Let me know what you think, and what you would add to this list.

Lefty Parent – I met Cooper Zale at the International Democratic Education Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2008. In 2010 he picked up the topic of adultism on his blog, and has written steadily about different aspects of it since then. This link goes to his most recent, which is addressed “Adultism vs Legitimate Adult Stewardship of Youth”. He’s also written extensively about adultism on Daily Kos.

Mommyish – Bolaji Williams shares a tremendous analysis called, “Adultism: People get over your hatred of children.” In reward for her bold assertion that, “It’s like racism, except the target/victim is children,” Williams garnered more than 120 comments on her post.

Power to Control – In her Life Learning MagazineWendy Priesnitz has shared The Freechild Project’s posts on adultism for a while. In a post called “Defeating Adultism” she writes about the inherited nature of adultism, and exposes what can be done.

“Good Job!” And Other Things You Shouldn’t Say – I’m tremendously excited about this smart, sophisticated approach to advocating against adultism. The word is all over the blog, starting here. Enjoy.

Teresa Graham Brett – From her organization committed to Parenting for Social Change, Teresa has been developing a powerful position to take a stand from. In several posts she writes about adultism, including this recent piece.

Other recommending reading…

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One thought on “Anti-Adultism Parenting Resources

  1. Adam & comrades… Thanks for including my blog in your recommend list!Adam and I have tussled over the phrase “adult stewardship” and whether it is the appropriate egalitarian term as the alternative to more conventional directive parenting.Cooper


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