God In A Drainage Pipe, or Calmness, Known

“I can give you my loneliness, my darkness, the hunger of my heart, 
I am trying to bribe you with uncertainty, with danger, with defeat.” 
– Jorge Luis Borges

A simple drain, made of thousand year old clay, ran through the land
No need for big messes today.
The back and forth action of the tides of an ocean
Replaced the calmness of the lake,
and are now gone

A slice of easy living,
today starts like this:
Living within,
there is nothing to live without.
Everything is
and things are simple and good.

Internal chaos projected onto a serene world
Now spend time alone
Stresses are self-selected lessons to learn.
Reassuring understanding.

Today will not slow down.
Relax into it’s pace
Simply be with it

Don’t throttle things into a way of being
No stripped complications, no rejections, no quiting busyness.

Bribery, a kind of seduction from the oldest part of my inabilities:
Uncertainty, with danger, with defeat,
they were alluring.

Learning to get still
Learned how to get quiet
Not meditation: No pillows, special breathing, or fingers pinched,
But living individual moments
Time when water dripping annoyed me,
Gone now, today
I know this is life, every single moment of it.

The simple drain, crumbled in places, is ancient
and perfect.
Opened, there are no big messes today
and the lake is restored.
Calmness, known.

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