Your Emerging Awareness of Heartspace

“The urgency of slowing down — to find the time and space to think — is nothing new, of course, and wiser souls have always reminded us that the more attention we pay to the moment, the less time and energy we have to place it in some larger context.”

This quote, from Pico Iyer’s recent New York Times article called “The Joy of Quiet“, seems to hearken to the ages, calling forth the words of sages and saints throughout the years who have guided us over and over to connect. This emerging awareness is what draws us into our Heartspace, the engine of personal engagement.

Engagement, which I define as the sustained connection to something within or outside of ourselves, requires an intentionality that many people live without. A lot of people get tied up in yoga and meditation, performing music and writing poetry, without ever developing the type of intentionality I’m alluding to.

Often, these same people are the ones who work with people for a living, and don’t like it. They’re mothers and fathers who feel like they can’t handle parenting. They are teachers who don’t like students, doctors who belittle their patients, and counselors who deride their patients’ symptoms.

These people aren’t lost or bad; they simply have not found their Heartspace. They haven’t joined into the cultural underpinning of our society in a sincere way, a way that will allow them to prioritize the connections they have in life, both outside of themselves and inside themselves. You may be among this group.

5 Questions To Find Out If Are You Engaged
Here are 5 simple questions you can ask yourself to decide if you are:

  • Can you name 5 deep connections you have to the world around you in a minute? 
  • Can you name 5 deep connections you have within you in a minute? 
  • Do you end any of your days after a regular 5-day workweek feeling fulfilled and satisfied with your life? 
  • Do you trust yourself to make the right decision in every choice in your life? 
  • Can you define the meaning of your life right now? 

If you answered “no” to any of these questions you have an opportunity to reach into your Heartspace. Start with reading Iyer’s article, or listening to the song “Higher” by the Theoretics, or by walking into your day thinking about Heartspace (not meditation: no pillows, special breathing, or fingers pinched; you can find Heartspace in every moment).

When you are ready, calmly allow yourself to simply work through these questions, easily. It’s not a test. It’s not a measurement. Heartspace is simply a place that you can occupy, permanently. It’s no obligation or assignment; it’s an opportunity to embrace your personal engagement.

Written by Adam Fletcher, this article was originally posted to Learn more at!

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