Shared Heartspace

OPEC Youth Engagement Seminar 2018 Adam Fletcher
Shared Heartspace
This is a diagram of Shared Heartspace. Copyright 2020 by Adam Fletcher. All rights reserved.

I want to change the world, so I’m going to keep changing me.

The most substantial change we can make in our own life is to become intentionally engaged within ourselves. In order to become intentionally engaged within ourselves, we must become aware of our Heartspace, which is the engine of personal engagement. Heartspace is also the shared experience each of us has that drives social engagement.

Accessing our Heartspace personally enriches everyone socially, and that’s why we must be the change we wish to see in the world.

Firing On All Cylinders

Our engine of personal engagement requires the fuel of sustained connections. These are the things we commit to throughout our lives, including people, ideas, experiences, and actions we experience daily, and the big things that only happen once in a lifetime.

Reading, doing karate, fixing cars, making dinner, meditating, writing poetry, and dancing are all activities that can fuel our Heartspace. So are being in love, raising children, and being an active neighbor. Even running a business, public speaking, and building websites can help power up our Heartspace. The most important criteria for deciding whether something benefits your Heartspace is whether you are sustainably connected to it.

Sharing Our Person

Sustainability means lasting impact, healthy maintenance, and richly mutual interdependence. The most important lesson of Heartspace may be that we cannot go storming into the world expecting change is going to come unless we take the challenging road of working on ourselves. 

A key to working on ourselves, something that is vital, is the richly mutual interdependence. That’s where shared Heartspace becomes an important concept to understand. We do not have to surrender anything within ourselves; we don’t have to give in or give up; we don’t have to let go. Heartspace is not about defeat in any of its forms.

Instead, shared Heartspace is about choice, option, possibilities and potential. From that space, anything we let go of, release, send off or move on from is done with intention, and the mutual opportunity is clarified. Shared Heartspace is acceptance and acknowledgment, instead of denial and rejection.

Sharing Heartspace with another person allows us to experience the rich wealth of overlapping possibilities in all their glory, and the teachable release of anything that doesn’t help.

It is from this place that I have begun to see the things taught through the ages were pointed towards this reality of personal and social engagement, and Heartspace. It is from this place that I understand life today. I invite you to learn with me.

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