Reflection Towards Personal Engagement

Art by Helena Ambrosia

A commitment to engage within yourself and the world around you requires exploring what you know, what you think you know, and what you want to know about personal engagement in your life.

The following are essential questions you can ask yourself. There is no one way to enter into your Heartspace, or to become personally engaged. You do not have to have a plan. These questions are provided as a way to spark your thinking, ignite your imagination, or set ablaze your passion.

This is one way towards personal engagement. There are many more.

Explore why you want to be personally engaged.

  • Identified how and where you have sustained connections in your own life right now. 
  • Ask yourself where and how you want sustained connections in your own life that you do not have right now. Why do you want to those connections?
  • Ask yourself why personal engagement matters to you.
  • Do you see personal engagement as essential in your own life? 
  • Do you see your own personal engagement as necessary to accomplish your goals or to become who you are? 

Identify how will you become personally engaged throughout your life.

  • Name the specific actions will you take to fulfill the Cycle of Engagement?
  • Will you involve other people in your personal engagement? Why? How?
  • How does your own personal engagement relate to the those around you, even if they are not involved?
  • How does other peoples’ personal engagement relate to you?

Name what parts of your life will be affected by personal engagement.

  • Are you going to foster personal engagement for your public self or private self? 
    • If it is for your public self, how will others behave and respond to your engagement? 
    • If it is for your private self, how will do you want to behave and respond because of your engagement?
  • How can you sustain your personal engagement throughout your self, public and private?
  • Can your personal engagement equally affect your public and private self?

Explore exactly what you what you want from person engagement.

  • If you want to, name some clear goals or a distinct purpose for your personal engagement action.
  • Acknowledge your complete autonomy, and that you can have any role as clearly as you want to define it ahead of this personal engagement.
  • Do you want to create a distinct plan for learning and reflecting on your personal engagement.

Remember This

This is one way towards personal engagement. There are many more. You may become creative, or spend time with Nature, or meditate. You can sing yourself towards engagement, or build a shed, or play with children. All these things are, in equal measures, ways towards personal engagement. None is more right or wrong than the next.

Always, always the important thing to remember is to simply go. You do not have to plan and overplan, or get yourself stuck in process paralysis. Simply go. By reading this you have already shown your interest in personal engagement, and that is the first step towards intentionally engaging within yourself and the world around you. The next step is to simply go. 

Written by Adam Fletcher, this article was originally posted to Learn more at!

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