Reclaiming Interiority through Heartspace

In theatre, all of a character’s inner dialogue, self-oriented actions, and personal space are called their interiority. Throughout our lives there are a lot of distractions from our interiority, as we are taught to value the world of the easily seen and understood. Society conditions us to become suspicious of our interiority, and we learn to deny the small, quiet voice that directs our days and ways. After time the conditioning teaches us to despise our interiority, and the days get long if we despise ourselves.

Forming our interiority

As children, we may have grown up watching relationships that made women dependent on men, or children lecherous towards parents. These types of patriarchial, paternal, and adultist relationships deny our individual personhood. They can take away our ability to deeply connect within ourselves to meet our own needs, and to develop authentic and genuine relationships with those around us upon whom it is okay to depend, and who it is okay to support. Robbing us from Heartspace, they seem justified by our society, which appears filled, and to some extent depends on, these relationships. Growing up in societies that strip us from Heartspace only to replace it with needy dependency on others deprives each of us the glory of who we really are and what we are really here to do. Suddenly, our interiority is formed from others’ opinions and perspectives of us, and Heartspace is left to the dustbins of our former well-being.

People who keep a healthy self-perspective maintain Heartspace, although unconsciously. Many of us aren’t capable of this, or haven’t been afforded that opportunity. Now, we live in times that challenge each of us in innumerable ways. We face demands that seem superhuman as we try to maintain our decorum while the world crumbles everyday. Our finances, families, food, and friends may seem poisoned. Our histories appear to condemn us, and our hopes seem prisoner by someone else’s imagination. Things appear to be falling apart on many levels.

Reclaiming our interiority

All of that is not the truth. You, who you really are, is amazing right here, right now. You are here to be a powerful, positive force in the world, the likes of who nobody has ever seen before. The glory of you isn’t egotistical and demonstrative. You are intuitively humble and resolutely beautiful.

Don’t take my word for it. If you want to know who you really are, explore Heartspace. Get inside your self and explore you. Be creative, be magnificentbe reflective, be in love, be your self. If you really look at you, you’ll see what Heartspace knows, which is the truth: You are a wonderfully infinite person who is spectacularly capable of changing themselves and the world, right now.

Be your self, please. Reclaim your interiority by exploring Heartspace. The world can’t wait any longer.

Written by Adam Fletcher, this article was originally posted to Learn more at!

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