YOU Have That Thing

Sit quietly and listen. Hear that rhythm? Do you feel that pulse? This heartbeat, key to your life, is what connects you to the rest of the world. It thumps through the din of seven billion heartbeats. Loudly pounding out its meaning, it denies uncertainty with its clarion call of infinity: “I belong to the Universe, and the Universe belongs to me!”
Your heartbeat comes from your heart and travels through your body in equal measure from the top to the bottom. Fingers, toes, ears, or nose, it is indifferent to the location of your parts; it only stops at the boundaries that define you as a person. Even then, its interchangeable with other people. 
Along the way there is a place your blood flows that is undetectable to the human eye. Surely as it powers your limbs and brain, blood courses through your Heartspace—The Engine of Engagement. Situated calmly between your head and your heart, indifferent to your movements, motivations, or outcomes, Heartspace does require that basic building block among all sentience, which is life. Blood grants us life, and you’ve got blood. Therefore, you have Heartspace.
Like blood, Heartspace has no requirements; it simply is. It is that thing within each of us that sustains connections to the world within us and around us. It is that thing among all of us that sustains connections between us. Even the most disconnected person came from some place and will return there afterwards, and in that way is sustainably connected to the world outside themselves. Those same people are often hyper-connected to the world within themselves, as they rely on sheer personal fortitude in order to survive their days and ways. In the same way, the most self-neglectful person usually has deep connections to the world outside themselves, and despite their neglect, has things inside themselves that are important, too. All of these are evidence of the presence of Heartspace.
So, relax into your day and feel the rhythm, and know that Heartspace is working for you right now. Ahhhh…
Written by Adam Fletcher, this article was originally posted to Learn more at!

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