Does Heartspace Compel Us?

Heartspace does not demand us to do anything. On the contrary, it is the ultimate pacifist, simply existing without needing anything in particular.

Sometimes we feel compelled to connect to other things on purpose, and often we call this, “falling in love.” We fall in love with cooking, nature, a good book, and another person. There’s lots of falling. Sometimes people deride this act of falling, as if the only way to go is to land on your knees and not on your feet.

I celebrate falling in love, and some days I fall in love a half dozen times before I finish my morning walk. A beautiful leaf, an awesome song, glorious plumage on a bird, the friendly smile on a lovely jogger, and the taste of a soft herbal tea all entrance my imagination for seconds, minutes, or even the hour I’m out trotting around.

I think we refer to this type of connection-making as “falling in love” because we are straddling the tendrils that entwine our Heartspace as they slope towards another end of our life’s sphere, and from a given perspective this might appear to be happening downwards. After life presented me with bumps and bruises aplenty, I decided to move from unconsciously falling in love towards whole-heartedly jumping in every time I want to make a connection- no more falling! I’ve come to understand and appreciate what the author of one of my favorite book series, Nick Bantock, once pronounced,

“The threads of circumstance that lead to tomorrow are so tenuous that all the fussing and worrying about decisions is futile compared to the pure randomness of existence.”

I am celebrating life with abandon today, and not the reckless, disregarding kind, either. Instead, day after day I understand that I’m a singing bird in an open cage, and my time here is limited, at best. I’m hearing my Heartspace as never before, listening for it’s guidance and feeding it carefully so that it might be the strongest muscle in my soul. Wanna work out sometime? Send me an email and let’s get together.

Written by Adam Fletcher, this article was originally posted to Learn more at!

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