Changing the World and Your Life through Heartspace

Many people believe our society is facing a lot of dilemmas today. We may be concerned about schools, governments, wars, economies, societies, and other threads that appear to bind us together. However, despite appearances, these things do not bind us- they only appear to. Heartspace is what really binds us. It is deeper and wider reaching than any institution, structure, or society could ever be. It is scientific fact that everything that is going on around you is part of you; Heartspace explains how that is so.

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson recently, eloquently explained that the most astounding fact he could say is that, “We are part of this universe, we are in this universe, but perhaps more important than both of those facts is that the universe is part of us.” Because of this, each of us is infinitely more powerful than we have ever recognized. That’s because the Heartspace that surrounds us is within us, too. All the binding agents of love, knowledge, power, kindness, joy, and simplicity that tie society together collectively tie us together individually, too. That is one of the many spectacular features of Heartspace that can elude logic, but is clearly demonstrable: These universal connections sustained through beingness, knowingness, and infinity operate within us, through us, among us, and around us all the time. 

We are each part of a never-ending ripple through time and space, rocketing with ease and grace through Heartspace in ways we have yet to imagine. Our sustained connections or universal engagements provide us a magnificent support system that allows us never-ending access to our infinite capacity to live however we want and do whatever we want. If we are conscious of it, we can support and sustain ourselves with intention. If we’re unconscious or in denial, Heartspace will still work for us. It’s never-ending, and gloriously synchronized beyond our comprehension.

This lack of comprehension disallows us from acknowledging that everything that happens to us- every single thing– has purpose in our lives. It may not be the most happy, the most apparently beneficial, or the most easy purpose, but everything fits. This grandiose design isn’t by coincidence, either. Instead, it works with infinite precision through Heartspace, engaging us all through the elastic boundaries of reality towards the infinite purpose of all existence.

Heartspace is the subtle fabric of interdependence that is woven within, among, and throughout each of us that doesn’t have to be taught or learned in order to benefit from it. However, if you are concerned with a social issue and want to engage people in the broader communities they belong to, begin by teaching about Heartspace. People must be engaged within themselves before they can be sustainably connected outside themselves. The Hopi say, “Know your garden and where is your water.” Heartspace is the water and your issue is the garden. Committing to a social issue requires engaginge within yourself; you cannot have one without the other.

If there is something within you that you feel or think is askew, you can lean into Heartspace in order to correct that, too. Say that you believe you don’t have enough time to play with your children everyday. You must engage within yourself in order to connect with your children. Find that part of you that is childlike, filled with the awe, wonder, enthusiasm, and peacefulness inherent in all kids, and spend some time with that. Write about it, sing about it, draw, paint, knit, build, or dance about it. You will find that the connection to the children around you is richer because you developed this sustainable connection with the child within you. By doing this, you have strengthened Heartspace and learned the potential of you.

By being in your Heartspace you will change the world and your life. Give it a try.

Watch this great, simple explanation from Neil deGrasse Tyson:

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