Engage in Forgiveness

There are invisible strands that shoot across the universe, engaging everything through the most sustainable connections imaginable. Mirroring this infinite agreement in the cosmos are the unfathomably vast connections that have been sustained throughout your life through forces seen and unseen. Personal engagement powers all these sustainable connections.

Whether you’ve been exploring personal engagement consciously all your life or just stumbled into the concept yesterday, you have been engaged throughout your life. Personal engagement is working through you, for you, and towards you all of the time. It is the ubiquitous hand of safety, compelling you towards making smart choices, just as much as its the apparently devious hand of the bad guy who did mean things to you. Personal engagement is not indifferent though.

Instead, personal engagement may be the most compassionate force in all existence, as it acts with utterly perfect synchronicity and ability to ensure that your life turns out exactly how you want it- consciously or unconsciously. It can be challenging to hear that your life is exactly how you want it to be right now, and if that doesn’t sit well with you and you want to deny it, then do. Personal engagement works anyway.

As you uncover the powerful possibilities of acting consciously from Heartspace, you might discover a pang of guilt, a wisp of nostalgia, or the burden of self-judgment. Knowing that this fantastically infinite force works for your benefit always, you might look back at decisions you’ve made and choices you’ve eluded, only to believe that if you’d chosen differently life would somehow be different. Let me tell you straightforwardly: personal engagement is indifferent to that.

Life never goes backwards, that is simply impossible. There is absolutely nothing you can do today that will affect yesterday. If you have amends to make to yourself or others, make those now. You must actively be humble and sincere, and you’ll know you’re operating from Heartspace because those won’t feel painful to live through. When you are done, move on. It is that simple.

Rather than concern yourself with what you could’ve done differently or how you could’ve been with other people or felt over things, simply allow those gongs to be relegated to the dustbins of history. Here’s another honesty about personal engagement, though: You can look always look forwards. You can even travel there, now. Following is a simple exercise in personal engagement time travel.

How to Engage in Forgiveness

Start by making a list of challenging times in your life. You might think about crappy things others have done to you, or bad things you’ve done to others. Anyway you slice that pie, make a list. Then choose places where those things fit, work or school or family or whatever. Write a category next to each thing.

When you’re done, choose one category, an important one like work. Then write down one thing you’d like to tell yourself about personal engagement in the future. Maybe it’s something like, “Always treat coworkers like partners, not recipients,” or, “Always work as if this is the greatest job I will ever have- because it is.”

When you’ve created that statement of permission for the future you, visualize you at work in three months. See yourself taking a peek at this note. Watch what you do with the note, how you react to it, and whether you see when you originally wrote it.

Then, picture yourself being proud because you actually did what the note says. THAT is your personal engagement time travel, because as you’ll find out in the future, you planted that note there today. You’ll see what I’m taking about soon.

That is forgiveness and personal engagement: More than a hollow speaking of words or thinking of voodoo spells, it is tangible action right now, here. You are forgiven by you, right now. Congrats!

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