Images in Heartspace

These are some of the images I have associated with Heartspace. Learn more about Heartspace »

In the Sphere of Engagement, each point of contact between the triangles in this globe represents a sustained connection in life. All of these connections intricately lace together to form a clear picture of Heartspace. Rather than having a hollow interior like a dome, connections lace inwards in a lavish net of connections and intra-connections. Despite appearances, there are also no clear endings to the sphere, as connections spread throughout the universe into infinity. Learn more from my post called “Envisioning Heartspace” »

Perspectives of Heartspace
These are Perspectives of Heartspace. Copyright 2012 Adam Fletcher. All rights reserved.

The Perceptions of Heartspace demonstrate the relationship of the ego to Heartspace as we go from self-oriented perceptions of others towards universal-orientations. Learn about them from my post “Perceptions of Heartspace” »

Shared Heartspace
This is a diagram of Shared Heartspace. Copyright 2020 by Adam Fletcher. All rights reserved.

When we interact with another person’s Heartspace, it can be useful to envision overlapping connections happening as in this venn diagram as Shared HeartspaceLearn more from my post “Shared Heartspace” »

Spheres of Engagement Adam Fletcher
These are the Spheres of Engagement, including Family engagement, Community engagement, Cultural engagement, School engagement, Spiritual engagement and Social engagement, all surrounding Personal engagement. Copyright 2012 Adam Fletcher. All rights reserved.

Heartspace is a hundred thousand million Spheres of Engagement endlessly overlapping one another towards infinity, showing the unstoppable, unfathomable sustainability of all things working in perfect concert in all places, at all times. There is no limit to the ways we picture Heartspace. These images merely suggest ways to visualize the concept. Learn more about the Spheres of Engagement » 

Spectrum of Engagement
This is the Spectrum of Engagement. Copyright 2014 Adam Fletcher, all rights reserved.

Understanding how our person engagement compliments our community engagement, along with how both can change the world, is a powerful step towards making a difference. Learn more from my article “A Spectrum of Engagement” »

The Tree of Engagement is a natural demonstration of the interrelated nature of all our sustained connections. Learn more from my post “The Tree of Engagement” »

Eternal Latitude
This is a symbol for eternal latitude, the ability we all have to move through personal engagement.

This symbol represents the concept of Eternal latitude. Eternal latitude is the ability each person has to move through personal engagement. By doing this consciously, creatively, and meaningfully, we can change the world by changing ourselves; otherwise we do it unconsciously. Regardless, each person has it and is doing it everywhere, all the time. There is no more basic order in life.

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