Closed eyes open
To be achieved, nothing
Instead, calm awareness:
That which is, is

No mantra position
Dogma limits, noncompelling
Rather, truth known:
That which works, works

Here and there
Transference, void
All, the one whole;
Not a footprint: All

Seek thee first
Prayer pattern, unlimited
Rather, accept eternity:
Not my will, thine

Flesh and blood
Same as me, Father
Knowing, the Way:
Nothing to learn, gain

Gladness values sadness
Sunny gravitation, infinite
Unify, all ways:
Known now? Perfection

One step closer
Living in, live without
To do, be:
Carry the world, inside

Allowance of life
No force, compulsion
Live, that is all.
God, being



Suffering Love Laughing At Myself is the first poetry book of Adam Fletcher Sasse and is available at