Heartspace in Your Busy Life

Rhyming, pulsating, and moving throughout your day, Heartspace is the rhythm of your life right now. Whether or not you’ve ever stopped to notice, you have endless sustainable connections throughout your world. These connections are powered by Heartspace, which is within you and around you always, in all ways.

Consciously connecting to Heartspace can strengthen our “engagement muscles”, allowing us to connect more deeply, more purposefully, and more powerfully than we’ve ever experienced. The advantage have stronger Heartspace focuses on having more sustainable connections to the worlds within and around us. We become able to nurture the relationships that matter most to us, including our sustained engagements with our families, the issues that matter most to us, and ourselves.

Our society can seem to push us to extremes, forcing us to overwork, overparent, overprotect, and overeat. In the meantime we may be neglecting ourselves, forgetting to eat, sleep, pray, dream, meditate, mediate, or motivate ourselves in our own lives. We may have learned that this neglect is okay or necessary, and we may be pushed by other people to overdo still more things in our lives.

Strengthening Heartspace can help us get clear on what is happening. That clarity can allow us to make different choices, and those different choices can change our lives. We can change our lives and the worldfind ourselves, love others, make better decisions, forgive others, build community, and ultimately be free.

For those who would seek those things, the good news is that no radicalism is necessary in order to strengthen Heartspace. Instead, all that is necessary is a shift from passive personal engagement towards active personal engagement. Keeping in mind that Heartspace exists whether or not we acknowledge it, active personal engagement strengthens Heartspace, not just for ourselves, but those around us, too.

Begin active personal engagement by thinking about the things you are sustainably connected to right now. Sustainability is the “capacity to endure.” Looking within yourself at the people, places, ideas, experiences, memories, issues, and feelings that matter to you, think about which of those has the “capacity to endure”, to make it through the day or to last a lifetime. Limiting beliefs that you know you are going to outgrow, personal relationships that will not serve you over time, and family members who you might not talk with anymore might not be sustainable personal engagements. After you have thought about the things you are connected to, feel about them. How do they feel?

After you have thought and felt about personal engagement, you might use creativity and reflection to consciously strengthen Heartspace. However, the spectacular thing about Heartspace is that you don’t have to do anything. Simply considering personal engagement and consciously connecting with the things that matter most within you is a powerful step.

Once you have began taking action through reflection, you can get busy living. Once you begin living from Heartspace, you can further strengthen Heartspace if you have space for that. Remember George Washington Carver’s simple dictum, ‎”Ninety-nine percent of failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.” You can live in Heartspace right now.

As you move into living from Heartspace consciously all the time, you might be tempted to try to prevent anything from happening to Heartspace. Rest assured that we cannot “protect” our Heartspace. All of life is conspiring to allow your personal engagement to serve you right now. The nature of Heartspace is to move all the people, places, ideas, experiences, memories, issues, and feelings towards you that you can sustain connections to, all in perfect time and space. Trust yourself to determine what and who those things are. This does not mean that you can go on autopilot and do nothing, but it also doesn’t mean that you should plan out as much as you can right now.

This is the great freedom that Heartspace offers us, to be sustainably connected to ourselves and the world around us without fear, manipulation, or even cultivation. Instead, we learn to trust that everything moves within and around us exactly the way it is supposed to. Nothing needs us; instead, we get to choose our connections with intention, purpose, and power. In this, we get to truly be who we are, just as we always have been and always will be.

Recognize yourself, recognize what you are sustainably connected to right now, and move graciously, courageously, and consciously into Heartspace from here on.

Written by Adam Fletcher, this article was originally posted to http://commonaction.blogspot.com. Learn more at adamfletcher.net!

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