You Are Unique

"The Generational Trees" Artist Unknown

A seedling reaches through the stony ground under it. It taps a very small, very simple vein of nutrients, relying only on them and the sun to grow. As it blooms, it reaches towards the sky anxiously, lightly spreading out it’s spindly roots to absorb the non-bounty around it. One day, the wind blows strong and the flower releases it’s cache of life makers, and one of the hundreds manages to catch a crack in the sidewalk just a few feet from it’s parent. The seedling reaches through the stony ground under it…

The heart is a bloom that shoots up through the stony ground. The sunshine, the earth, winds, and rain nurture it, along with countless lasting connections it shares throughout the human body it occupies. Beyond that, the hearts of every person on earth, every creature in the galaxy, and every molecule in the universe are connected, too, in the infinite measure of engagement that is Heartspace.

We are motivated, driven, and compelled towards this interdependent existence by Heartspace, the engine of engagement. Our existence here is a mystery, and no science will ever fully explain how we have come to be. More of a mystery is how, despite the apparent formula at work that creates our physical structure, each of us is a unique creature unto our own. There is nobody else just like you.

You are uniquely connected to all things, everywhere, in a picture of Heartspace that belongs to you alone. The connections that nurtured and sustained you until you were born, those that carried you through your childhood, others that launched you beyond your teens, your young adulthood, your adulthood, and then your old age… Each of these connections has supported you all of your life to make you into who you are. Each one is unique. Your specific vessel, personage, being, YOU, this is one-of-a-kind.

If you aren’t taking care of yourself, if you don’t know your self-worth, if you doubt or hem and haw, you can stop it now. Pull up the stakes you have in uncertainty, hoist up your sail of knowingness, and be who you are, here and now. Self-doubt is a lie we tell ourselves in order to challenge ourselves to rise higher. Now is your time. You are a life-affirmed, life-affirming being whose mere existence on Earth is a mystery to you, to those around you, and to all the planet. Nobody, absolutely nobody, knows why you exist. Except for you. Sure, Heartspace explains that you have a unique authority from the perspective that you have and the connections you sustain, but it does not explain exactly why you exist. Only you know that, deep within you, right now.

Heartspace can power your exploration of yourself as you come to understand who you are and what you are doing in the world. All the searching you’ve done before has brought you to where you are right now, for better or worse. Next up is only better. All these invisible strands of belonging and purposefulness have been supporting you all your life, and they are here for you now. Look at them, make them visible. Name the spectacular gifts that make you YOU, the connections you have to the worlds within and around you that nurture you, sustain you, expand you, and grow you every single day. See that you are part of an invincible, immaculate sphere of engagement that is yours and yours alone, allowing you to create powerful connections while supporting you to be exactly who you are right now.

That person you are wants to remember Heartspace, and that is what has led you to read this. You want to practice consciously, consistently nurturing you. You want to rely on yourself, and you want to rely on others.

You want Heartspace, and it is yours. YOU are yours. 

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