The Worlds Within Us

In many senses, every human is formed by layers upon layers of stuff. Science News recently reported that, 

“…many scientists now view humans as conglomerate superorganisms composed of thousands of species.”

Sufi mystics believe there are three worlds within humans: the world of the soul, the world of the body, and the world of Godly knowingness. Followers of Kabbalah discover there is nothing real outside the individual. Subatomic particle theorists explain that holograms are “the whole in every part”, where every part of an image can be reconstructed from any part of an image. Another blogger ungraciously explains, “We are sentient, walking bags of swamp water.”

The worlds within us are intricately laced with one another in a complex blend of reality and fiction give us the dynamic capacity for Heartspace to work in us and through us, every day in every way, all ways and always. These worlds are holistic, whole, and forming; they are spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and social.

They conceptualize, imagine, fantasize, idolize, plagiarize, verbalize, strategize, visualize, energize, fraternize, improvise and downsize. The worlds within us operate, deviate, implicate, recreate, complicate, extrapolate, and conjugate.

They are creative, determinant, isolating, critical, deconstructive, reconstructive, gathering, withering, and regenerating. Entropy reigns supreme, sometimes along with chaos, alignment, and randomness.

All of these attributes of the worlds within us allow us to establish firm, lasting connections within ourselves. This personal engagement is reflected in our moment-by-moment realities as we establish, project, and discover, explore, critique, and re-imagine who we are and what we do. Our ego allows us to name ourselves, encouraging our unique establishment and generation of self-image and self-worth. Most people are vastly influenced by the world around them, allowing other people, places, things, ideas, actions, and outcomes to influence the worlds within them.

Having knowledge of the worlds within us is not a requirement for living. It is required if you want to live from Heartspace. The conscious awareness of these different components of our interiority allows us to firmly identify the connectivity we have within ourselves. When we examine the worlds within us, we can support, sustain, deconstruct, reconstruct, or end these lasting connections at will. That is the demonstrative reality of Heartspace: We are not victims of ourselves; rather, we’re the masters of ourselves. That is truly what discovering and living from Heartspace is about, becoming a master of yourself.

Who are you today?

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