Love The Life You Live!

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“Love the life you live, and live the life you love.”

Bob Marley

These simple words from Bob Marley are a reminder that you are alive to love. Inside you there are infinite connections to a glorious love that belongs to you and you alone. This voice echoes all the people, all the places, all the experiences you ever had, even as a baby. It comes straight from Heartspace, the engine that powers lasting connections throughout your life and the whole entire universe. It is not just a shout in the dark, either. Every whisper and every scream echoes across time and space, cracking open the giant coconut of connectivity that unites us all in the flavorful mystery that is life.

Living Heartspace means actively knowing what we’re connected to. It means mining out the depths and breadth of our soul, for better and worse, unpleasant and uber-awesome. If you are deeply connected to traveling, name that! If you connect with friends and family, name them! If poetry, restoring natural habitats, painting birds, or skateboarding rest solid in the deepest recesses of your soul, call them out. Everything in your life that draws you closer within yourself and further outside of yourself is an echo of Heartspace, drawing you nearer to everything all the time. Stop hiding from yourself.

Frank Zappa once laid the case bare by writing, “If you end up with a boring miserable life because you listened to your mom, your dad, your teacher, your priest, or some guy on television telling you how to do your shit, then you deserve it.” Heartspace insists that you live a life you love by listening to yourself, shutting out other peoples’ voices, examining what matters to you, and living the heck out of life. It is as plain as being yourself, but as complicated as knowing that who you are is exactly who the universe wants to be here, right now.

If you’re not comfortable in your skin, if you are living a life that is not yours, you must change immediately, right now. Heartspace is concerned with your personal truth and authentic self, and not some semblance of someone projected by a family, culture, society, or world that is apparently disinterested in who you actually are. If that is not you as you are right now, go do what you need to do to become wholly and perfectly you. Exploring Heartspace will facilitate that process quickly and with deft effectiveness. In Heartspace the journey is the destination, and you are already on your way, right now. Live a life you love.

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