Ways to Avoid Heartspace

One of the realities I’ve come to discover in all this time is that there is no escaping Heartspace. As the invisible principle of engagement operating throughout all things at all times, Heartspace is everywhere, all the time. Much like the physics principles or biological principles, just because a person does not know about Heartspace doesn’t mean their life isn’t governed by it right now. Within Heartspace are all the connections throughout all the universe, all the time.

Once a person becomes aware of the principle of engagement operating throughout their lives, they have an option to consciously utilize that principle in order to enrich their understanding. They also have the choice to ignore, question, examine, or deny Heartspace. The reality is that the principle has been long at work before any of our individual arrivals here on Earth, and will be working long after we’re gone.

Now, all that said, out here in life there are a lot of ways that we actively avoid Heartspace. The first is simple denial: We just don’t accept that there’s a space, place, time, and energy through which we all connect. We don’t believe that every interaction we have in life has a purpose, and we refuse the possibility of meaning beyond appearance.

Another way we avoid Heartspace is through confusion. When we do this we resign by saying or thinking, “I don’t get it.” A tricky thing about this avoidance is that is can actually be a pathway towards fully understanding Heartspace, if we connect with the confusion.

Avoiding Heartspace can look like redirection. Instead of addressing our engagement in the world, we might think about our children, significant other, health, or job. Joking our way out of it is also redirection. It may seem like we’re trying to deflect the seriousness of the situation, but in reality, joking can provide a logical way out of concentrating on Heartspace.

If you want to stop avoiding Heartspace, here are some steps you can take.

5 Ways To Stop Avoiding Heartspace

  • Look Inside. Understand your own personal engagement, or lack thereof. That will strengthen your Heartspace. 
  • Name Barriers. Explore if you’re uncomfortable with Heartspace. If it is, you may be unsure about your own engagement. Name that.
  • Open to Friends. Discuss Heartspace openly and objectively with people you care about.
  • Share Wider. Sensitively explore the topic of engagement with others. People who are meaningfully engaged throughout their lives may not realize that not everyone around them has had the same upbringing, background, or culture. 
  • Get Engaged. Name three things that you are lastingly connected to right now. Go to them with yourself. If you’re engaged in work, go to work thinking about Heartspace. If you’re engaged in homemaking, do your housework and family raising with Heartspace activated. 

Remember that Heartspace is always there for you, and your days and ways will always be more engaging.

Written by Adam Fletcher, this article was originally posted to http://commonaction.blogspot.com. Learn more at adamfletcher.net!

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