Appearances of Heartspace

Heartspace looks different to everyone, but serves essentially the same purpose for all of us.

One appearance of Heartspace is sorrow. More than a hundred years ago, Kahlil Gibran wrote, “Your joy is your sorrow unmasked. And the same well from which your laughter rises was often times filled with your tears. And how else can it be?” In the same way, Heartspace is the invisible visible. Engagement is practical mysticism.

In the moon, the sun is always present. Bones rely on blood. Soul requires mind, the butterfly is a caterpillar first, and all Earth life was created from solar winds blowing dust through the cosmos. Dark, light; dream, waking; fire, water; fragrance, stench; stone, wind; silence, sound. Everything operates in perfect balance, agreement, and harmony in the indistinguishable place I call Heartspace.

Creation has always existed, and death will always happen. Those who understand that life has no beginning or end have all the power they need. That is the purpose of discovering Heartspace in our lives, to understand the infinite nature of everything, everywhere, all the time.

Our imagination is the playground of engagement, drawing us towards life for comfort, and pushing us away in fear. The engagement we share with all things at all times is a fog we cannot see that surrounds all of us all the time. Without it, there would be nothing, even if we cannot see it. Engaging throughout our lives gives us the power to improve and impair the world around us. Our best judgment can be another’s bad judgment, and both can cause us to reminisce our past engagements. Engagement is not without limits.

There are a few things that wouldn’t exist without engagement, whose purpose is solely dependent on us. This includes the things we determine to be poison, and the things we think are nectar. Sometimes they are both. Engagement creates sound, which makes the vastness of our lives seem more like a mosaic than a desert. Sound roars on the wind, which carries engagement to the farthest corners of things that exist. Wind makes Heartspace universal, touching our physical bodies, spiritual minds, and universal existence. Your life gives Heartspace coexistence, a shelter for all engagement to happen. Heartspace will continue without you, but it is irrelevant.

These are some of the appearances of Heartspace, but only you know what Heartspace really is for you. Can you describe some of the appearances of Heartspace in your own life?

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