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So you want to follow Adam Fletcher on Facebook? Well, I offer a lot of different ways to do that on Facebook! I highlight my professional interests through a variety of pages and groups, and I would love for you to join me! is my community engagement page. Here, I share info on what community work I am doing. You can find out latest thoughts and products I’ve created, and discover what I can do for you. is the Facebook home for The Freechild Project. Freechild focuses on the changing roles of young people throughout society, and this page reflects that. I share our resource pages from across the massive website I operate; original articles, blog entries and publications; and videos, articles, publications, organizations, and websites that may not be included on the Freechild site already. is the Facebook page for SoundOut. Focused on promoting meaningful student involvement throughout education, the SoundOut page shares the latest news and research about student voice and new roles for students throughout schools. It also highlights emerging programs and new resources from around the world. is the official Facebook page for my forthcoming book, The Principle of Engagement. I share sections of the book, news about publishing, and more for followers.

Student Voice is Changing Schools is a special interest page for folks who are interested in how student voice is growing, but not only through the SoundOut lenses of meaningful involvement. It highlights resources from a lot of places and is meant to help people advocate.

The same holds true for the Youth Voice page. Sharing examples, tools, videos, and more, this page can help youth and adults get more room for more young people at the table.

Ending Discrimination Against Young People is the accompanying page for my book of the same name. In this group, I share news about youth discrimination, and many other people contribute articles, ideas, and more.

Finally, there’s, my professional facebook page, where I share stuff for followers.

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