Intuition in Heartspace

There is an intuitive reach that each of us make towards Heartspace. Coming from a place of love, respect, enthusiasm, and peace within ourselves, Heartspace resonates within us and around us, toward the people and places that we are engaged in everyday. These engagements are tricky though.

This is a preplanetary nebula, recently discovered by Hubble.

Intuition is when we know things without knowing them. Its the knowledge we have without learning it. Psychologists are spending an increasing amount of time wondering whether, when, and how much we can trust intuition. Can we trust our intuition about Heartspace?

Two modern expert psychologists with adversarial conclusions about intuition recently came to the conclusion that just having confidence in your intuition isn’t reliable enough to make your intuitions reliable. That’s because anyone can ignore their failures and become more confident in their intuition. In other words, just because you think you know something intuitively doesn’t mean you should believe yourself. UNLESS… you have had a good deal of experience and a good environment in the area where you’re intuition happens. So if you’re a career trial lawyer with an intuition in court, then you can trust your intuition.

Without knowing what engagement is, the majority of people are passively engaged within themselves and the world around them. This means that we frequently don’t know that our sustained connections are engagements, and that we establish, maintain, or end our engagements all the time.

However, when we become conscientious about our engagements we build our ability to become engaged all the time, even when we’re disengaging from something. Consciously engaging within ourselves leads to a richer life, while consciously engaging in the world around us creates a better place for all of us. Our experiences in Heartspace, the shared field where engagement happens within and around us, are richer when we acknowledge the Principle of Engagement, which is that everything is connected everywhere all the time.

Living these truths is both simple and intuitive; however, it is rarely ever done. Instead, we unintentionally suppress and repress our own Heartspace, and frequently, inadvertently, oppress others’ Heartspace. By learning from my book, Heartspace and the Principle of Engagement, we can begin actively activating all facets of Heartspace throughout our lives with intention. This will strengthen our ability to benefit from the Principle of Engagement too.

Once we do this work we will strengthen personal engagement throughout our lives, in turn substantiating the intuition that ambitiously wants to lead us towards more engagement. We are infinitely capable of being engaged, so by emboldening Heartspace throughout our lives we are living into our individual and collective potentials. As we become masters of Heartspace our intuition cannot fail us or mislead us ever. Until then, be vigilant and keep reading, studying, and living on purpose.

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