One thought on “Engage Everyone, Everywhere, All the Time

  1. Thank you. I so agree. It seems everyone everywhere are pulling people in out of their “uninspired” lives to take some kind of stand for the world without acknowledgement of who they are and how they ARE contributing to their communities. I missed your proposal to the solution though. How do deserving, well-meaning and effective advocates for the world attract people to help their cause? There are countless of examples of those who took the challenge of taking one of these projects and now live very enriching lives. Many people are “serving” out of obligation and/or association without a sense of connection or fulfillment. If we begin by acknowledging ourselves for who we are and who we are impacting right now, I think it will go a long way in helping us see how to expand ourselves to positively impact more people and the world. The most effective and inspirational people are those who are simply doing what they naturally love.


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