You Are HERE.

Learning about Heartspace and the Principle of Engagement challenges some people. After a lifetime of being told where, how, when, and why you need to be engaged at work, in the community, at your house, and everywhere outside yourself, it can be hard to hear that the greatest engagement of all is personal engagement. We really do have to get engaged within ourselves to be successfully engaged outside ourselves; “successful” engagement in the world around you happens because of your engagement within yourself, and not otherwise.

After teaching 1000s of people about engaging within themselves and throughout the world around them for more than two decades, I began exploring how I was most effective as someone who is personally engaged, someone who engages other people, and as someone who teaches people how to engage people. I’ve explored a lot of what I’ve found in my new manuscript for Heartspace and the Principle of Engagement. However, I left one tool out. 

Adam Fletcher’s HERE Model

If you’re wondering how to activate the Principle of Engagement or enliven your Heartspace, I want to share with you what I’ve learned: Begin Engagement HERE. HERE is an acronym that stands for Healthy Empowering of Rich Experiences. If you want to get engaged, remember that YOU ARE HERE.

H—Have HEALTHY engagements. When we consider Heartspace, the first step is to be healthy. This means physically, emotionally, energetically, and intellectually free of dis-ease or injury. Think of the engagements you have in your life and consider whether they are healthy, whole, safe, and supportive. These are healthy engagements. 

E—Have EMPOWERING engagements. Each of us is capable of giving and taking power within ourselves. We stop ourselves from doing healthy things; we keep ourselves from strong relationships; we challenge ourselves by acting indecisive. Flipping that coin, we take strong actions to transform our realities, move mountains and fly through the skies. This is the role of empowerment in Heartspace, and the second step to activating the Principle of Engagement right now. 

R—Have RICH engagements. A life lived fully is rich, wealthier than anyone with any amount of money, possessions, or power. Access Heartspace by living as incredibly, really and truly incredibly, as you want to right now. There’s no need to wait any longer, not for anyone else or yourself. Your life is NOW. 

E—EXPERIENCES create engagement. Experience is the bedrock of life. Cloistering oneself in a monastery or traveling the world to sacred shrines are forms of experiences, but not the only ones. Plowing a field, signing a deal, moving furniture, and raising children are experiences too. Heartspace begins in living, and life is what happens to us every moment of everyday. If you want to activate the Principle of Engagement, experience what you are doing Right Now.

The HERE Model can help you remember whether you’re becoming more personally engaged deeper in Heartspace. Remember that you’re seeking Healthy, Empowering, Rich Experiences to deepen your experience of the Principle of Engagement. When you begin engagement HERE, you can move forward towards the rest of Heartspace and the Principle of Engagement without hesitation or any further preparedness. This is what its all about.

CommonAction staff are available to train on personal engagement, Heartspace, and much more. For more information contact Adam Fletcher by emailing or calling (360) 489-9680.

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