Youth Engagement Training

CommonAction’s Adam Fletcher facilitating youth at a conference in spring 2012.

CommonAction is excited to announce that we’re available across the US and Canada for training on youth engagement starting Fall 2012!

Just over a decade ago I started training youth workers, organization leaders, teachers, government workers, and many other folks on youth engagement. This year I’m excited to have several colleagues on board with me as we travel to communities throughout North America promoting this powerful, positive, and effective basis for youth development, community improvement, education reform, and social change.

If your organization, conference, or community is looking for the most innovative, effective strategies to promote youth engagement, WE ARE THE SOURCE. Our internationally-recognized youth engagement material is one-of-a-kind, and our delivery style makes us exceptional among our peers. Using hands-on, interactive, and practical approaches we teach the latest information, research, and approaches to youth engagement in a variety of settings. And our specialty remains engaging traditionally disengaged youth, so you know you’re dealing with the best available.

Our Youth Engagement Resources

CommonAction staff are available to train on youth engagement and much more. To talk about the possibilities call Adam at (360)489-9680.

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