Activating the Principle of Engagement

The Principle of Engagement is a powerful unspoken rule affecting everyone, everywhere, all the time.

“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.”

– Anita Desai

Maybe your day has been long, and you need to close it by engaging within yourself. Perhaps you’ve been running quickly through life lately, dropping and gathering post-haste, and you want to collect yourself. This could be the night you simply want to celebrate you by acknowledging your personal engagement.

Here’s an activity you can do to experience the Principle of Engagement working in your life right now.

Taking Action Right Now

There are practical ways to activate the Principle of Engagement in Your Life right now. Here is one pathway. What’s another one that works for you?

  • Begin by sitting down and getting quiet. There’s no particular way to sit, and no length of time that you need to sit for. Letting the world get quiet and listening the voice within you is all that needs to happen here. Breathe. Welcome to personal engagement.

Engagement is an exercise in honesty, constantly allowing us to be who we are with ourselves first.

  • Tonight, begin by listing all the things in your life that you thinking you can’t do. Let them come into your mind and acknowledge them by writing them down. Make it as long as a list as you want.When you’re done set your pen down and take deep breath. Relax your hands and your face, and just breath.
  • Take a moment and read over the list from the beginning. Hear your words and to listen to the list simply rattle into the air around you. It dissipates and then floats away.

Everything is always about engagement. See those things that you think you cannot do, and know they are about engagement right now.

  • Slowly at first, then as quickly as your mind wants to, go down the list one item at a time and write what the engagement with that item is right now. For instance, if you’ve written, “I can’t travel to Monaco today,” then write, “I am actively getting ready for that trip right now,” or if you wrote, “I can’t pay for new shoes,” then write, “I am working for my new shoes right now.”
  • Write the I AM statement for every single “can’t” you’ve listed. As you write the I AM statements, feel yourself engaging with that item right now, because you are. As you write, know that you’re engaging with each item as you go right now, because you are. You are simply engaged in everything you think of.
  • When you are finished with the entire list, set your writing instrument down. Breath deeply and release. Release your stress, release your anxiety, and embrace what you are engaged in right now. You are engaged right now.

This is a simple activity that I use in personal engagement workshops. Contact me directly if you want more information about what I can do for you right now.

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