Thanks for Learning With Me

A Sunday morning’s crisp air whispers into my bedroom, filling my lungs with fresh newness. Everyday I wake to celebrate my engagement in the universe, the unspoken but ever present connections we are all drawn together through in Heartspace. Come in here with me.

Standing under a grey lid filled with rains waiting to pour, I look to the forests surrounding my home. They are pregnant with exotic beauty, subscribing only to the grandiosity and inevitability of nature’s beauty. Resting assured in our relationship, I remember their constant service to all living things as they draw in carbon monoxide and produce oxygen in an unending cycle with me. I reciprocate every moment of the day, and we are mutually dependent.

With my sporting shoes on, I walk to tea downtown. The treads of my shoes pad softly on the hard concrete, and my hand floats along the hedgerows lining the sidewalk. I slowly peel the seeds from a stalk of grass and sprinkle them along the way, and stop to pick a flower. Birds hop across the ground, a vision quest for breakfast filling their minds, while a yappy dog barks at the idea of me outside her fence.

My arrival in the tea shop involves a dance of easy humor and calm flirtations with the barista and another customer. I borrow a newspaper before resting into a chair, the warmth of my ginger twist tea tinging the palm of my hand. Somewhere around me the universe swells and contracts, all in perfect balance without my interference- yet wholly dependent on me in this moment.

Different understandings of Heartspace are a gift we can all relish in. Thanks for learning with me about my own understanding.

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