The Blanket of Connectivity

Resting easily on the shoulders of eternity, Heartspace is the name for the invisible blanket of lasting connections within each of us individually and around all of us collectively, always in all ways. The yarn of engagement weaves through every moment of every day all of time. The seen and unseen forces in Heartspace thrust together a perfect tapestry, forming everlastingly elegant, constantly gracious, always seamless ribbons of universality. 

You are the weaver, and the woven. Your time exists throughout the eons, spanning through all things until this moment, which hinges grandly and lovingly on your every thought, feeling, word, and deed. The work of your fingers in Heartspace is of all importance, just as it is for every single thing that surrounds you right now, seen and unseen. The fight you fought and the love you made, the food you bought and the work you waged, all these actions forge the very needlework that binds the edges that form the seams that hold the linkages that make the sections that quilt the batting… 

Rest in ease, or toil in struggle, whatever is your way, knowing that the Universe is working for you right now. The laws of gravity, motion, inertia… all of these are equally reliant on and supportive of the Principle of Engagement, which states that all things everywhere are always connected. Heartspace is the place within and around each of us where those connections happen, always in all ways. The blanket of connectivity surrounds you, holds you, nurtures you, and enfolds you right now. Ahhhh.

The the purpose of life is that you should know what you just read.

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Published by Adam F.C. Fletcher

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