New Student Voice Orgs!

Schools opening up for the year, and already new student voice organizations are popping up across the US! The ones I’m most interested in are focused on engaging students within the education system, and line up with my Frameworks for Meaningful Student Involvement. Here’s a low-down on what’s come across my radar so far:

  • Students 4 Our Schools – From their website: “Will lead the students’ voice in education, Spark the conversation, Encourage schools and teachers to authentically evaluate their students, Create education on a personal level, Help students pursue their passions and rediscover the joy of learning.” Facebook page.
  • Student Voice – From their website: “We work to unite and centralize the increasingly powerful student voice. We are a movement connecting the organizers of tomorrow and giving them a voice today.” Facebook page.
  • The Student Voice Project – From their website: “Strives to give youth nation wide an influential voice. We encourage members of our youth communities to stand up and speak today!” Facebook page
  • Student Voice Research and Practice – Dana Mitra, researcher extraordinaire at Penn State, has launched this hodgepodge collection of researchers and practitioners from across the US and around the world. Living on facebook, the group is exchanging ideas and more! Facebook page.

As always, we continue to host a facebook group called “Student Voice is Changing Schools” in addition to our SoundOut facebook page. The SoundOut website is at

It is exciting to see so many initiatives emerge simultaneously, and I look forward to seeing where they’ll go. As always, drop an email or give a call if we can be of use to your school, program, or organization’s student voice efforts!

CommonAction is available to train, speak, and share about this topic and many others. Contact me to talk about the possibilities by emailing or calling (360)489-9680.

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