10 Steps To Meet Your Needs—A Tip Sheet by Adam Fletcher

Personal Engagement Tip Sheets by Adam Fletcher

Personal Engagement is the sustained connection a person has to the world within themselves.

—Adam F. C. Fletcher

Personal engagement shows that we should engage deeply within ourselves before we can successfully engage in the world around us. Success, in this case, means engaging with impact, sustainably, and powerfully. I believe we can meet our own needs while helping others, and even through helping other—if we’re intentional about that. If we’re not we might as well be shooting at stars in the night.

10 Steps To Meet Your Needs

In order to live engaged, we must meet our needs. Here are ten ways to meet our needs through personal engagement.

  1. Be authentic with yourself. This means becoming aware of the still, small voice within you and allow it to guide you in all of your days and ways.
  2. Step within yourself and become who you really are, instead of who others expect you to be.
  3. Walk your own path, find your calling, fate or destiny.
  4. Know that life is real, and that joy, pain, excitement, sorrow, and all other emotions are to be experienced in life. If you are open to living in all kinds of situations, life is worth living.
  5. Accept yourself as you are by learning your inner nature. From real knowledge of self, including what you can do and cannot do, you can become whoever you want to be.
  6. Meet your own basic needs, including safety, belongingness, and esteem needs.
  7. Refreshen your consciousness, learning to appreciate ourselves, beauty, and other good things in life.
  8. Be aware of your own boundaries, and reach beyond them when you can. You don’t need to live in complete abandon, but you can do things you’re afraid of. It takes awareness to engage throughout your life.
  9. Engage deeply whenever possible throughout all of life, including the rich experiences of joy and injustice, love and pain, hope and suffering, birth and death.
  10. Live consciously, choosing with intent and deliberation instead of by accident and incident.

When we step forward to become we are and do what we can do, we can truly live engaged. Personal engagement allows us to do this, and in turn to become engaged throughout the world around us. Not vice versa. All these roadways reach deeper within us, drawing us further into the universe around us. This is personal engagement.

Let me know what you think by responding in the comment section below, and please share these tip sheets with your friends!

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