Integrity in Heartspace

Personal Engagement by Adam F.C. Fletcher

When you feel disengaged, don’t give up. Try another way. A closed door doesn’t mean you are not connected- it is a tool to having a more lasting connection within yourself and to the world around you- OPEN IT, and walk through! You never know what’s on the other side.

Walking gingerly through the world and expecting to be hurt is living out of balance. Sharing Heartspace and living by the Principle of Engagement is a sure route to stepping bravely and living with integrity.

Integrity means expecting the best in all of our engagements, both within ourselves and throughout the world around us. Expecting people to be bad, looking for experiences to turn out the worst, and anticipating doom and gloom is not being in integrity with Heartspace.

If you’re living in these ways, take stock of all that you have to be grateful for. Look at the world around you, and the world within you. Breath deeply. Know that the other way is presenting itself right now, and that YOU are strong enough, loving enough, kind enough, and willing to live the Principle of Engagement right now.

You expect nothing less from yourself.

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