Damn Noisy Crows and Personal Engagement

There is a point in our lives when everyone can know they are engaged just the way they’re supposed to be. We somehow transition from thinking about how, why, where, and when into simply being. Engagement in our family, community, culture, education, spiritual life, and throughout the world around us loses its edge, and we simply are.

I have been a noisy crow. Drawings by Bambi Edlund.
However, finding that peace for personal engagement, that is something some people wrestle with throughout their lives. They try and tussle, struggle and mope across their days and nights, seeking some insight, some wisdom, some journey that will make them feel complete and know perfection.
I have known these struggles myself. I have lived the “privilege of a lifetime”, as Joseph Campbell said, being exactly who I am in my personal life, professional livelihood, among my communities, and within myself. However, there’s been discomfort. I’ve been challenged paying bills, finding love, and staying focused in my work. There have been times when I’ve lived like the noisy crow, screaming and yelling until, “oooh, look, another shiny thing!” came my way. 
That squawky crow, it is part of me right now and always will be. It has served me well all my life, and although I take pleasure in its quiet these days, I know its still serving me. 

We can all live in this certainty, the knowingness that everything is engaged exactly the way its supposed to be right now. Within each of us, Heartspace is working in infinitely perfect ways to ensure that we’re meaningfully engaged throughout the entirety of the world within and around us, right now.
Damn noisy crows, I love ya!
Written by Adam Fletcher, this article was originally posted to http://commonaction.blogspot.com. Learn more at adamfletcher.net!

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