Sacred Tension

Pictured above is Baglione’s 17th century painting, “Victoire de l’Amour sacré sur l’Amour profane.”


“The greater the tension, the greater is the potential.”

I live sacred tension in action
Between the towers, I walk the high wire
with no safety net below
the profane and the sacred both know their home
is within me

Every day God is alight within
while each day I shine with ease all around
Yet I do not eschew darkness
because in the night the light is most bright

We yearn for taut relations
filled with passion and drama
watching them on television and reading them in books
yet in our own lives
we run, unseen (but always known!)

There are external forces
internal pressures
yins and yangs
glorious and fucked up
all calling for their due

Sacred tension is that which calls
for the heavens to touch
the soul within
so that all men
might know God

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