You’re the One

Every day we wake and choose a mask to wear. Either on purpose or by accident, we wear the Parent mask, Worker, Friend, Child, or Neighbor mask, or others, and combinations of all those. There are others too, including Sufferer, Hero, Lazer, Energizer, Sicker, and Special, among others. You, today, wore these masks.

They’re masks because they’re chosen, assumed, or assigned identities. But they aren’t really us, no matter what they’re saying.

At the center of you beats a heart so pure and true that you simply rely on it without knowing it. But it knows you and shows you every time you look who you really are. It’s that part of you that connects with others’ Heartspace, and it’s that part of you that is universally engaged.

Sound foreign to you? Think it’s b.s.? That’s okay, you don’t have to believe.

But the next time you wake up with your World Changer mask on, or your Preacher, Teacher, Hurter, or Pleaser masks, just remember that you’re none of that for real. You’re really You, and so much more.

Welcome to You. And that part is true- you’re the one you’ve been waiting for. Now get to work! There’s a lot ahead.

Written by Adam Fletcher, this article was originally posted to Learn more at!

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