Your Paper Lantern

Across the pitch-black night’s sky, thousands of paper lanterns raise upwards. They are alight with the dreams, hopes, expectations, and anxieties of thousands of everyday people. Engaged in transit from earth to the heavens, these sky lanterns have been in duty for thousands of years. They are an homage to the hallowed spaces above us, created from humble materials around us, and carried by inspirations from within us.

Where do you allow the mystical, magical experience of being human to inspire you? What are your secret ceremonies or public rituals that light up your Heartspace and connect you with the ethereal beyond as well as the personal within?

In my life, I discovered a rich inner world when I began my private rituals. There’s something entrancing about knowing that whenever, wherever I turn I can be with the Great Beyond that powers my personal engagement and all Universal engagement. Whether I light a candle, chant a prayer, or whirl a thousand times, all roads lead me back to the relationship that leads me within and beyond simultaneously.

Where do your paper lanterns glow in the night?

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