Engagement Always Happens

As we come to know Heartspace, we begin to understand that when we really want to become more engaged within ourselves we will stop looking outside for Heartspace. There’s nothing outside of us that can connect us to anything inside ourselves more than we can.

Within ourselves is every bit of warm happiness, deep knowingness, and utter satisfaction that we have ever looked for outside ourselves. There’s also infinite complexity, spectacular mysteries, and powerful questioning. All this is for us to engage with. Instead of being a choice, it’s actually the only way to become engaged.

Turning within is now your only choice. After spending a lifetime looking for yourself in others, trying to change the world, seeking spirituality in the heavens, and riding the tides of life as they washed over you, now is your time to come into the place that allows you to access the Universe. It’s no further away than your most intimate thought is right now.

Heartspace looks different within each of us. In some, it’s a rainbow of light that gleams so brightly that it’s hard to look at. In others, it’s the darkness that leads to Infinity. However we see it, it is within right now. Simply by reading this you are acknowledging it; just by acknowledging it you are ready to live it. It won’t come from anyone else, from any experience, or from the Great Beyond: It can only come from within you.

You can bring yourself into Heartspace right now by simply turning within and calling out your sustained connection to all things everywhere, always in all ways.

When you do this, your consciousness is aware of the thing within you that ties you to all existence, and to yourself. Engagement always happens, and Heartspace is who you are.

Written by Adam Fletcher, this article was originally posted to http://commonaction.blogspot.com. Learn more at adamfletcher.net!

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