Human or Superhero?

It seems like being human can be harder than being a superhero.

There are a lot of things in our lives that call us to greater action. Many of them feel like they’re focused on saving ourselves, as we work, live, raise families, and journey through life. Others seem like grand, heroic things we do for others as we “rise above the narrow confines of [our] individualistic concerns”.

But in these times, we routinely hear about regular people doing great things and being attributed with superpowers. Apparently, these people leap over buildings to get the things done in front of them to do; use x-ray vision to see through pain, uncertainty, and indecision to do the right thing; and dodge the bullets of life with lightning fast responses. These people are advertised and marketed to as superheroes.

Surely, there are people who, when faced with hard times, shirk away from them, cowering from the reality they’re faced with. But do we live in such a time when simply doing the right thing needs to be heralded as infallibility?

Superheroes, with capes and superpowers, live on high pedestals of righteousness. Rarely questioned for their judgment, superheroes often live in seclusion or in hiding, away from the world and it’s harshness.

Today, it seems like being human can be harder than being a superhero. As we reach out into our lives and do the things in front of us to get done, we may loose track of ourselves because of busyness and pressure, stress or pain. And that’s okay. Radical personal engagement calls for each of us to live in those times and see them for what they are: Heartspace in action. Connecting in deep and sustainable ways throughout our own lives allows us to live without hiding, stand strong without super strength, and save our own lives when others can’t stand with us.

It’s a fascinating play, wanting to wear tights all day and rescue others. But maybe, just maybe, the real super life is right here, right now, waiting for us to live right now.

Written by Adam Fletcher, this article was originally posted to Learn more at!

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